How We

Started Making Ice Cream & Phaloodeh?

In 1988, an elderly grandmother immigrated to Canada, and began making Akbar Mashti ice cream, a Traditional Persian Delicacy.  She was relentless to use only the finest quality ingredients, and she created a tedious but rewarding process that ensured every bite of her ice cream to give an explosion of flavour. After 15 years, she finally shared her secret recipe with her daughter, who is now a grandmother. Alas the name Persia Lady was born, as was new exciting secret recipes it, while maintaining the tradition of only using the finest ingredients imported from around the globe. Her friends and family refer to Persia Lady as Mrs. Mashti, as she is known to be just as good as Akbar Mashti himself.

People Sincerely

Enjoy Our Products!

Persia Lady ice cream is enriched with sweetness. There are a variety of choices keeping it new and exciting. It’s an ice cream that makes you taste not just the flavour but the culture as well, I recommend it to anyone and everyone.


I can truly say this was one of the best ice creams I have ever tried in my lifetime. I definitely recommend for others to give this ice cream a go for a life changer of frozen sweetness.


The best Persian ice cream & faloodeh I have ever tried. Love it!


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