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In the year 1988, a determined grandmother took a monumental step in her life by immigrating to Canada. Once there, she commenced the meticulous craft of creating Akbar Mashti ice cream, a delicacy that hails from the rich culinary traditions of Persia. Her devotion to the craft was evident from the outset: she remained steadfast in her commitment to use only the finest, high-quality ingredients. The process she developed, though laborious, was deeply rewarding, guaranteeing that each mouthful of her ice cream was nothing short of a flavor explosion.
It wasn't until 15 years of perfecting her art that she chose to bequeath her closely-guarded secret recipe to her daughter, who, by that time, had also ascended to the honored status of grand motherhood. This pivotal moment saw the birth of the brand "Persia Lady," which emerged as a repository of both cherished family recipes and innovative new culinary experiments. Nevertheless, the brand has always stayed true to its roots, upholding the tradition of utilizing only the most exceptional ingredients imported from various corners of the globe.
In social and family circles, the woman behind Persia Lady has earned the endearing moniker of "Mrs. Mashti," named so as a tribute to her unparalleled skills in crafting ice cream. Those who have tasted her creations often remark that they rival those made by Akbar Mashti himself—an acknowledgment of her mastery in this intricate culinary domain. Thus, Persia Lady continues to stand as a symbol of uncompromising quality, elevating everyday moments with each and every scoop of its delectable ice cream and Faloodeh.

Persia Lady Products

The product range includes a variety of ice creams and Faloodeh, each with its own unique appeal. Notable among these are the Pistachio, Saffron-Pistachio, and Pomegranate ice creams. Each flavor is a testament to Persia Lady's mastery in balancing complex flavors with creamy textures, creating a symphony of tastes where tradition meets elegance. The Pomegranate Ice Cream, for instance, is an indulgent blend of rich, creamy texture and the vibrant, tangy zest of exotic pomegranate, transporting taste buds into a world of Eastern-inspired flavors

Ice Cream

Savor the Exquisite - Saffron, Pomegranate, and Pistachio in Every Creamy Scoop.

Ice Cream

Persia Lady: A Symphony of Flavors - Where Ice Cream Meets Elegance.

Ice Cream

Persia Lady Pomegranate Ice Cream tantalizes the taste buds with its luxurious blend of rich, creamy texture and the vibrant, tangy zest of exotic pomegranate, offering an indulgent escape into a world of Eastern-inspired flavors.

Regular Phaloodeh
Limeesha Phaloodeh
Pomegranate Phaloodeh

Indulge in Tradition, Reimagined - Ice Cream and Faloodeh Like Never Before.

Chill with Thrill: Unleash a Burst of Persian Flavors with Persia Lady's Exotic Vegan Popsicles!

Ice, Spice, and Everything Nice: Persia Lady’s Vegan Popsicles!

Persia Lady’s Vegan Popsicles are a testament to the brand’s commitment to combining traditional Persian flavors with modern, health-conscious sensibilities. Each variety in this range is a unique celebration of both taste and quality, crafted with 100% natural ingredients.

The Pomegranate Grenade Popsicle, for instance, encapsulates the succulent richness of pomegranates in a frozen form, offering a guilt-free indulgence that’s perfect for health-conscious and vegan consumers. It’s more than just a dessert; it’s a revolution on a stick, exploding with authentic Persian flavor​​.

Another highlight is the Lime Chaux Popsicle, a vegan marvel that reimagines the humble lime into a luxurious frozen treat. Balancing the sweet and tart flavors perfectly, this popsicle serves as a culinary ode to simplicity and quality, providing a refreshing moment that feels like a cool breeze on a hot day​​.

Additionally, the Mango Mangue Popsicle offers a tropical adventure with each bite, capturing the soul of sun-ripened mangoes in a luscious, frozen form. It’s an escapade into tropical paradise, ideal for enriching the vegan offerings of restaurants and grocery stores

Persia Lady_Popsicle_All_New

Savor the Royal Treat: Nooni Ice Cream's Bread Sandwich Saffron Delight!

Persian Perfection: Nooni Ice Cream’s Saffron Treat, a Luxurious Fusion of Flavor and Tradition!

Embark on a gastronomic voyage with Nooni Ice Cream’s Bread Sandwich Saffron Ice Cream, a regal delight that marries the ancient luxury of saffron with the comforting familiarity of bread. Each bite of this exquisite creation transports you to the opulent courts of Persia, where saffron, the ‘gold of spices,’ reigns supreme. Encased in lightly toasted, fluffy bread, our saffron ice cream offers a harmonious blend of creamy richness and subtle, aromatic flavors, making every mouthful a testament to our culinary craftsmanship. Ideal for those who relish in the art of dessert making, Nooni’s Bread Sandwich Saffron Ice Cream is not just a treat, but a journey through time, encapsulating centuries of Persian culinary heritage in a modern, delightful form. This unique dessert experience, perfect for connoisseurs and adventurous palates alike, ensures that each serving is not just a dessert, but a celebration of history, luxury, and unmatched flavor.

Why Saffron, Pomegranate, and Pistachio Ice Creams are the Quintessential Luxury Desserts

Why Every Restaurant Needs Saffron, Pomegranate, and Pistachio Ice Creams on Their Dessert Menu?

Transform your restaurant’s dessert offerings into a luxurious affair with the inclusion of Saffron, Pomegranate, and Pistachio Ice Creams. These flavors, steeped in rich culinary traditions, offer an unparalleled end to any meal. Saffron, with its exotic and sophisticated taste, imparts a royal touch, elevating the dining experience. Pomegranate, known for its vibrant zest, adds a refreshing and tangy twist, perfect for cleansing the palate. Pistachio, with its nutty and rich profile, provides a satisfying and creamy finish.

Together, these ice creams don’t just satisfy sweet cravings; they offer a journey through ancient flavors, bringing a touch of elegance and distinctiveness to your menu. Ideal for discerning diners, these ice creams promise to leave a lasting impression, turning an ordinary meal into an extraordinary culinary adventure


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Tastyyyy Ice Cream. So many flavors and not too sweet. Saffron ice cream was filled with pistachios. So authentic and tasty! Persian Lady Ice Cream is a must have in the household!

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Great product, beautiful packaging and taste authentic, no one should miss.

- Nasser Rafie

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