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The History of Akbar Mashti's Ice Cream

Akbar Mashti (1250-1342) was the first Iranian to venture into the ice cream business. His real name was Akbar Jafari Malairi.

Akbar Malairi was born in 1868 in a village in Malair. Akbar tried various jobs before opening an ice cream shop. For a while, he transported sugar and tea from Tehran to northern cities and brought firewood back to Tehran to make ends meet.

At the age of 20, he met “Mohammed Rish.” Mohammed Rish had connections with the courtiers of Muzaffaruddin Shah and introduced Akbar to the world of ice cream. When Reza Shah came to power, Akbar Malairi and Mohammed Rish Zaman saw the opportune moment to open Iran’s first ice cream shop. They opened their first ice cream shop on Ray Street, at the corner of Adib Al Mamalek Street, with financial assistance from their brother, Shaaban Malairi. Two years later, Mohammed Rish discontinued this business, but Akbar remained determined to continue.

Mohammad Malairi is the adopted son and nephew of Akbar Mashti’s wife, who continued Akbar Mashti’s work (which was temporarily closed after the revolution) after retiring from the Ministry of Oil. He opened a shop in Tajrish for this purpose. Mohammad Malairi, the sole heir of Akbar Mashadi, states, “The Iranian ice cream that Akbar Mashti made was distinctly different from foreign varieties. Iranians preferred flavors like Sarshir, rosewater, and saffron more. Akbar Mashti used certain plants instead of food additives.” He adds, “Akbar Mashti worked tirelessly. During winters, he had to search for ice in the mountains around Tehran. At that time, there were no ice factories in the country, and people relied on natural ice from glaciers. They dug deep pits, sometimes up to 60 meters deep, to store ice for the summer. Akbar Mashti’s clientele included courtiers, ambassadors, and common people.” Mohammad continues, “Once, Fakhr al-Doulah (Ali Amini’s mother) took Akbar Mashti with her to France to serve them ice cream there.”

Akbar Mashti lived for more than ninety years and passed away due to kidney problems at the age of ninety-two. Iraqi and Pakistani newspapers also reported his death. A Pakistani diplomat wrote an article in his honor. During his lifetime, one kilogram of Akbar Mashadi’s top-quality ice cream cost three Rials, but he did not live to witness the industrialization of ice cream production.

The History of Persia Lady's Ice Cream

In the year 1988, a determined grandmother took a monumental step in her life by immigrating to Canada. Once there, she commenced the meticulous craft of creating Akbar Mashti ice cream, a delicacy that hails from the rich culinary traditions of Persia. Her devotion to the craft was evident from the outset: she remained steadfast in her commitment to use only the finest, high-quality ingredients. The process she developed, though laborious, was deeply rewarding, guaranteeing that each mouthful of her ice cream was nothing short of a flavor explosion.


It wasn't until 15 years of perfecting her art that she chose to bequeath her closely-guarded secret recipe to her daughter, who, by that time, had also ascended to the honored status of grand motherhood. This pivotal moment saw the birth of the brand "Persia Lady," which emerged as a repository of both cherished family recipes and innovative new culinary experiments. Nevertheless, the brand has always stayed true to its roots, upholding the tradition of utilizing only the most exceptional ingredients imported from various corners of the globe.

In social and family circles, the woman behind Persia Lady has earned the endearing moniker of "Mrs. Mashti," named so as a tribute to her unparalleled skills in crafting ice cream. Those who have tasted her creations often remark that they rival those made by Akbar Mashti himself—an acknowledgment of her mastery in this intricate culinary domain. Thus, Persia Lady continues to stand as a symbol of uncompromising quality, elevating everyday moments with each and every scoop of its delectable ice cream and Faloodeh.


Persia Lady: A Tapestry Woven from the Threads of Tradition and Temptation

Step into the realm of Persia Lady, where every dessert is more than a mere sweet indulgence; it's a tapestry richly woven from the finest threads of Persian tradition. Our offerings, from the opulent Saffron, Pomegranate, and Pistachio ice creams to the ethereal Faloodeh, stand testament to the art of Persian dessert-making. Each product has been handcrafted, not just with ingredients but with stories, love, and a dash of history.