Persia Lady_Majoon

Persian Milkshake – Majoon

Persian Milkshake – Majoon

The necessary ingredients for making Majoon for four people.


  • Half a kilo of Saffron or Pistachios Persia Lady ice cream
  • Eight walnuts
  • One hundred grams of pistachios
  • Four tablespoons of honey
  • Three bananas
  • Ten peeled dates
  • Cocoa in the required amount for the interior of the potion and decoration
  • A teaspoon of coffee
  • Half a teaspoon of ginger

First, pour the ice cream into the blender and add some peeled bananas and dates, nuts, ginger, coffee powder and a little cocoa and mix well. After mixing the ingredients, because the ice cream will melt, pour the ingredients into special containers and put them in the freezer. After the ingredients harden, take them out and decorate them with bananas, cocoa, and walnuts. Pour honey. This homemade concoction is very useful and has high nutritional value, and it gives you energy as a complete meal.

Yes. This is the Majic of Persia Lady’s Ice Cream.